Austria Travels: Palais Coburg

“The streets of Vienna are paved with culture, the streets of other cities with asphalt.”
-Karl Kraus

The Palais Coburg
The Palais Coburg

If you are planning a trip to the Imperial City, the Palais Coburg is my absolute recommendation. With its 34 suites, a spa, two restaurants, 2 Michelin stars, 13 event rooms, a garden, six wine cellars and 60,000 bottles of fine wine for you to sip into, where else would you want to stay?

Blauer Salon
The Blauer Salon

The Palais Coburg’s history goes back to the Middle Ages, with the fortification of Vienna, and the so-called Braunbastei built where Palais Coburg now stands. In 1802 Count Franz Koháry acquires buildings on the Bastei. In 1840-45 Prince Ferdinand von Sachsen-Coburg builds a palace on the grounds with plans created by architect Karl Schleps. In 1851 Johann Strauss’ premieres his works Albion Polka and Windsor Sounds (dedicated to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) at Palais Coburg. In 1852 Prince August von Sachsen-Coburg moves into the now completed palace with his wife, Princess Clementine de Orleans. In 1978 the last Coburg owner, Princess Sarah Aurelia sells the palace. Shifting owners over the next two decades, the palace is bought in 1997 by the Pok Puhringer Foundation in a decrepit state. In 2003 the palace reopens as a hotel, after years of planning and reconstruction, and is finally restored to its former glory.


The Coburg Suites are the hotel’s largest and grandest suites ranging from 128 to 165m2. The three maisonette suites impress with garden views, and Victoria and Marie Antonie also boast sun on the private terrace and heat in the private sauna.

The Bastei Suites consist of three large, and bright suites with a living area between 113-138m2. The Boris III and the Leopold I each have two bedrooms, which makes it easy for travellers to stick together, and the Ferdinand Suite (love the names – so old Europe) has a private terrace.

The remaining suite categories are: Palais Suites, Residence Suites and City Suites all offering luxury accommodation at its finest.


Enjoy fine dining in one of the two restaurants on site. Notably Silvio Nickol‘s Michelin starred gourmet restaurant, or Clementine im Glashaus. The hotel also boasts the Wine Bar with over 60,000 bottles to choose from.  What’s not to love?

The Spa at Palais Coburg is one of the many highlights of the hotel. With a pool, whirlpool, steam bath, training area, conservatory, sun terrace and an extensive range of therapies on offer, from massages to cosmetic treatments.

Whatever your fancy, you cannot go wrong when booking your stay at The Palais Coburg. 

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All images + information courtesy of: Palais Coburg Hotel Residenz ©






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