Throw-back Thursday: Architectural Digest

With summer at its peak, flicking through vintage copies of your favourite design magazines, is an ideal way to spend your time on the beach. If you are stuck somewhere cold, perhaps in the rains of a Northern European non-summer, it is an equally opportune time to dive into old copies of i.e. Architectural Digest. That is why, we have decided today, is another day of going through our archives of interiors from our most beloved magazine titles. Today we are visiting Paris with Architetural Digest. Skærmbillede 2017-07-26 16.43.33

Magazine: Architectural Digest
Issue: December 2013
Feature: A Backward Glance
Story by: Mitchell Owens
Photography: Pascal Chevallier
Styled by: Carolina Irving
Where: The Paris home of Sylvain Lévy-Alban & Charlie Garnett

Blurb: In Paris, connoisseurs Sylvain Lévy-Alban and Charlie Garnett create an ardently old-world atmosphere in a residence that recalls the glory days of European collecting. 

All rights + images courtesy of Architectural Digest + Pascal Chevallier 

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